BIT BANG is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by Bárbara Cerro. Our main mission is to cultivate and promote the art of animation, video games and digital art. We provide a unique platform for independent productions, advocate for diverse and underrepresented voices, and emphasize exceptional directors and artists who push the visual, conceptual and narrative boundaries within the film art form. We are a community-driven organization that not only exhibits these works, but creates a context and language for a shared understanding and appreciation of animation, video games, and digital art in Argentina. Providing a platform to show these productions is important as it enriches the national cultural landscape in a new, fresh and different way.


Director: Bárbara Cerro
General Program: Bárbara Cerro
Producer: Rocío Muñoz
Animation Program: Bárbara Cerro
Animation Selection Committee: Florencia Granja, Bárbara Cerro
Videogame Programming: Durgan A. Nallar, Cecilia Barat, Marina Pereyra
Bit Bang Miau Selection Committee: Bárbara Cerro, Michelle Senderowitsch, Marina Pereyra
Bit Bang Club: Bárbara Cerro, Carla Di Pietro, Ayar Blasco

Bárbara Cerro

Bárbara Cerro


Director and founder of BIT BANG since 2015 and audiovisual producer. Graduated in Image and Sound Design (UBA). She studied Directing at the Universidad del Cine, Multimedia Design at the Da Vinci School and did a Postgraduate in Documentary Film (UBA). She co-directed the series Gorda, Los Inadaptables and Instructions for Humans and directed Artemis and advertising in different studios. Her works toured festivals around the world, including the Berlinale and Ottawa Animation Festival, and won national and international awards, including the Martín Fierro. She is currently developing an animated short film, Todos los Futuros, an animated series and the second season of “Gorda”. She worked at numerous animation festivals as a curator and programmer.
She carries out the Artistic Direction, the curatorship, the programming, the selection of the Animation Competition and the organization of the BIT BANG.

Rocío Muñoz

Rocío Muñoz


Producer and storyteller of Level Up! Transmedia, a studio dedicated to content development, transmedia storytelling and gamification. She is a producer, developer of projects and narrative design of multiplatform content. Director and transmedia producer of “Alvar Las Américas”, based on the comic “Alvar Mayor” (Trillo-Breccia), winner of INCAA awards, Patronage, Virtuality-TrendsVS Bs As, Mediamorfosis (VFX fiction, animation, board game, AR , VR). Graduated in film direction and production from the Universidad del Cine. She was a partner of El Icono, a 3D animation studio for broadcast design and advertising (Fox Kids, Jetix, Caloi en su Tinta, Canal Volver, TNT, Nickelodeon). She directed, wrote and produced the long documentary “Los Bravos”, about Peruvian musicians in Buenos Aires, premiered at Bafici. She worked as a producer at various national festivals and was an INCAA tutor for animated series. She is a partner of ADVA, ACCION, RAMA and MITAD.

Florencia Granja


She graduated from Image and Sound Design (UBA). As a director, she developed and collaborated in animation projects of various kinds in the facultative field at the same time that she attended different visual and plastic arts workshops, complementing her training and experiencing links between frame-by-frame animation techniques through acrylic painting. . At present, she is specializing in Motion Graphics at the Da Vinci School and doing editing, animation and composition of audiovisual pieces for Bit Bang TV. She also participated as a jury in the fourth edition of Anima Latina in the category of “Short films made by children.” She is part of the short film selection committee of the BIT BANG.

Marina Pereyra


Marina is an advertising art director, works in film marketing and works as a graphic artist under the pseudonym Petscii Cola. Make typed illustrations on Commodore64, a computer from the 80’s. Her drawings and visuals were presented at festivals in Uruguay, Tokyo, Sweden and Belgium. Collaborate with the Blipblop, PVM, A.R.C.A.D.E. and Blocktronics where she creates graphics and visuals for 8bit music parties that have toured the country and that participate in events such as Trimarchi (Mar del Plata International Design Festival), The International Book Fair, Museum Night and BIT BANG Fest.

Durgan A. Nallar


Vice President of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society – Argentina Games Technical Committee. Co-founder of World of Gamers and School of Game Design Latin America. Research professor of video games and transmedia narrative (Maimonides University). Game Designer by Lunfardo Creaciones. Author of the books in the collection «Design of games in Latin America». Director of Ludorama, a quarterly magazine of essays on video games and play culture.

Cecilia Barat


Director of the School of Game Design Latin America. Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts. Designer and storyteller at Level Up! Transmedia. Co-author of «Design of games in Latin America III: Memory of the game». Secretary of IEEE CIS Argentina Games Technical Committee. Editorial Secretary of Ludorama Magazine.

Carla Sofía Di Pietro


Aka @ studied filmmaking at the FUC, and within a year she was working as an assistant director in Eduardo Capilla’s debut film + bien (1999) with Gustavo Cerati and Ruth Infarinato as the main characters. She has worked in film, advertising, music festivals, manager, video clips and radio producer. She coordinated the stages of the Festival BUEN D allegA and Earth Day. She produced and scored the radio programs: ESTÁ VIVO, La hora Feliz, World Premiere and En Calzas, music glued to the body (Touche / Radio Colmena / Blue 100.7) between 2012 and 2018. In 2015 she founded the Superamor Cine Production Company where she was the producer executive of the feature film ROMÁN. Also, he edited the book: Chimiboga, el Fotolog, el Libro (2017) by Ayar Blasco, with which they toured various festivals and provinces (Crack Bang Boom, Comicon, etc.). In 2018 he debuted as a DJ at the BIT BANG CLUB parties where he selects hiphop, afrobeat, afrohouse, future techno and nu noise sounds in different places in Buenos Aires such as: Local, Soria, Festival, Club Lucero, Peuteo, Niceto and Espacio Ro.

Ayar Blasco


Creator of Mercano el Marciano with Juan Antín, Much Music animation series. He made comics in fanzines under during the 90s (Catzole, Océano y Charquito, etc.). Author of the cartoon El Niño Malcriado, from which Malcriados emerged, the producer with which they also made the animated feature Mercano el marciano co-directed with Juan Antín, and with which they participated in the Berlin Festival and won: the audience at the Sitges Festival and the special jury award at the Annecy Festival. On his own, he made the animated feature film El Sol released in 2012 after touring the festivals in Rotterdam, Warsaw, Torino, Pifan, among others. Sporadically he makes animations of black and absurd humor under the pseudonym Chimiboga on the internet. Associate producer on Nicanor Loretti’s film Kriptonita (2016). Director and animation consultant for various web series of the UN3 channel. He is currently finishing his third animated feature Lava, soon to be released.


Dominga Pesadilla Domínguez


Caracúlica from birth. Eat, sleep, poop, complain, and eat again. She had a boyfriend, Aldo Bonzi, and their separation is still hazy. She purrs for convenience and is very demanding as a jury, but deep down she is a good cat.